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China changchun zhu cheng group co., LTD. As a technology-based enterprises, after decades of efforts and development, with strong production research and development of the perfect combination of strength with the international advanced production equipment, has now become one of the few Asian security industry can provide complete product categories of modernization, specialization, collectivization manufacturers.

Casting cheng group international standardization production factory covers an area of 126000 square meters, has the representative industry production frontier technology of Italy sarwar Nineveh flexible processing production line, the United States nordson corporation automatic powder coating production line and automatic door plank production line in South Korea and other international import production equipment.Group currently has more than 400 fixed suppliers at home and abroad, more than 800 distributors around the world.

Relying on the highly efficient research and development and fine production, with the cast sincere modular product service, based on casting cheng group 50 million consumer database, can according to the requirements, with different size and configuration of flexible products for users to choose, in the field of production scale, technical aspects of the industry forefront.

Cast shing group is a with the internationalization of the industry as the core products and professional group company, is industry leader enterprise technology innovation.Cast sincere is committed to provide users with security and stability of products, build a modern enterprise group with deep cultural background.  
Casting cheng group has always attached great importance to the construction and ongoing basic management strategy.Take the lead to implement ERP management cast cheng group in the same industry, to the procurement, production, costs, inventory, sales, finance, overall planning, to the best resources combination enterprise high-speed development.24 hour uninterrupted production, on-site computer monitoring and management, ensure enterprise precise and efficient operation.
3 overseas trademarkregistrationsGreen certificate

Jilin Province FamousBrand

52 domestic trademarkregistrationsGA productcertification

China's security door 10 leading brands

China's top tenbrands of fire doors

Minmetals Chemical Industry Association

Made by German Heda Industrial DesignOffice

Famous trademark of Jilin Province

Member of ChinaQuality Inspection Association

Twelfth Five-Year Innovation Model Products

Passed the US UL firecertificationOccupational Healthand Safety Management System

China Hospital Construction Award

Passed the EU CE fire certification

Environmental management system

National Top Ten Infrastructure Suppliers

Passed ISO9001 2000quality system certificationJilin Province HonestEnterprise

China hospital building quality greensupplier

National firedetection and certification 6 items

Jilin Province“Contract-abiding Studentsand Credit” Unit

China HospitalConstruction Annual Brand Service Enterprise
Security doordetection certificate 7 items

China's top 500 real estate companiespreferred building materials brand

Top Ten Materials andEquipment Suppliers
Kangju certifiedproductsCasting brandsecurity door is a famous brand product in Jilin Province
Global Quality, Zhucheng Manufacturing
Be sincere and do things carefully
Trive for change
Be dedicated
Creating National
Casting supreme,
Honesty and trustworthiness
Go ahead bravely and stay first-class forever
Create opportunities
Encourage competition
Discover talent
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Welcome to call 0431-82628666 (switchboard) and 17704318109 (General Gao) to learn more about Zhucheng!
Sales manager
Promotions and salaries you will receive: 1. Regional Representatives: 2500 yuan per month. Promotion after 2 months of probationary assessment. 2. Sales Manager: 3000 yuan. / month + commission of direct project = 10-200,000 / year. 3. Regional Manager: 3500 yuan/month + channel commission + store award + direct project commission = 15-300,000 yuan/year. 4. Manager of Direct Operating Office: 6000 yuan/month + channel commission + Shop Building Award + direct project commission + Profit Dividend = 20-400,000/year. 5. Minister of Sales: Annual salary of 500,000 yuan.
Technical Engineer
1. The company is mainly engaged in anti-theft doors, fire doors, medical doors, more than three years of product development and design experience; familiar with relevant design software;
Salary 6000-8000 yuan, three insurance and one gold, single rest.
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